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LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KTXL) — A “curious” bear cub went exploring inside a Lake Tahoe-area home and got stuck in a room after the doors closed, separating him from his family.

A video posted to Facebook by BEAR League, a local organization, shows the cub dangling from a window inside the home.

Members of BEAR League were called to the house and found that outside of the home were the cub’s mother and sibling.

The mother bear patiently stood back and waited for the BEAR League members to enter the house, find her cub and bring him back into her care.

“The stakes are raised if a curious cub goes exploring and gets stuck in another room after the door closes on him,” said the Facebook post.

Interactions between wildlife and humans has always been part of life in the Sierra Nevada bear country, which sees multiple incidents of bears entering homes, vehicles and trash bins.

According to a news release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, when the Caldor Fire broke out in 2021, wild animals including bears were forced to flee from the flames and many of them found refuge in the city of South Lake Tahoe, which was evacuated.

The bears and other wildlife were free to roam the neighborhoods with little to no human interaction. Because of this, many bears broke into garage doors, windows, and vehicles.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reminds Tahoe-area residents that they should keep their dumpsters locked at all times and use bear-resistant trash containers to deter bears from the area. They also want to remind residents that feeding bears is against the law.