Bear Terrorizing Livestock in Auburn

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Fish and Wildlife says a young black bear has been terrorizing residents and livestock on Mulberry Lane in Auburn for three nights now.

The bear has apparently torn a door off one home, and killed three sheep. Jim Malery says the animals were members of his family.

"It’s difficult. You put a lot of time into it and they are pets. It’s hard," Malery said.

Malery says it all started Friday night. The bear killed two of his sheep and then came back the next night for another. Still hungry, it even tried to break into his chicken coop.

"Be aware there is a bear in the neighborhood and keep your pets in and your kids in," said Malery.

Ready to protect the rest of his livestock in case the bear returns, Malery is putting ammonia out, hoping to deter the hungry animal. He also has a permit to shoot the bear if he has to, but he’d rather leave that to the experts.

"What the county will do is they will get trappers, bring them on site to help remove the offending animal. We may assist with the trapping because we are wildlife experts," CDFW spokesperson Janice Mackey said.

Mackey also says it's more common to see bears out right now because they are getting ready to hibernate, eating everything they can get their paws on to survive the winter.

This bear when captured will be euthanized because it has killed livestock.

"There is no relocating a bear like this. It's only relocating the problem," said Mackey.

The best way to protect your family and pets from a bear attack is to make sure you have nothing that smells like food out to draw the bear in. That includes everything from a dirty grill and pet food to fallen fruit.


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