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STANISLAUS COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) – One person died Wednesday following a big rig pileup in Stanislaus County.

“Right after 1 o’clock this morning, the California Highway Patrol received a call of a three-vehicle big rig collision that occurred northbound Interstate 5, just south of the town of Westly,” said California Highway Patrol officer Thomas Olsen.

Olsen said the crash started when a semitruck driver noticed another driver who was possibly drunk.

They say at that point the driver in the semitruck tried to take matters into his own hands.

“That driver positioned their vehicle in a manner that stopped the movement of that vehicle to go northbound on I-5,” Olsen explained.

But the CHP said the truck driver’s attempt at a good deed went horribly wrong after it caused traffic to stop and a three-vehicle big rig pileup.

“We are unfortunate to report that a driver of one of those big rigs did die at the scene,” Olsen told FOX40.

The CHP said the victim was a 41-year-old man from the Five Points area.

CHP eventually arrested 40-year-old Daniel Avilan-Tirado and charged him with driving under the influence.

While the truck driver was right in noticing a problem on the road, the CHP said this is exactly why calling 911 would be the best option.

“The intentions were good, but we’d rather somebody contact 911. That would be the safest option for all of us,” Olsen said.

The CHP said they are treating the DUI arrest and the fatal crash as two separate investigations at the moment.

FOX40 asked if the big rig driver who tried to stop the drunken driving suspect would be facing any charges, but officials said that is still under investigation.