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Among one couple’s graveyard of broken cars is one last hope of resurrection, one last try toward independence, as they try to revive a car that has been out of commission.

“We are stranded,” Ruth Ann Barnett, a Modesto resident said.

But it’s no use, the Modesto couple said that car died eight months ago and since then, they’ve had to rely on a recumbent bike.

“They’re more efficient and a whole lot more comfortable,” David Barnett explained.

David said he used the bike to get to and from doctors appointments. He and his wife are both cancer survivors and need check ups regularly.

The 75-year-old man told FOX40 that after going grocery shopping at the Walmart on Coffee and Orangeburg in Modesto that someone had stolen the bike after cutting off the lock.

“In fact, I was downright curious about how they managed to get through that U-lock without someone being suspicious,” David Barnett said.

Buying another one is out of the question for the couple. The bikes range from $1,200 to $1,800. They are on a fixed income.

“So our only means of transportation for prescriptions and groceries has been the bicycle,” Ruth Ann Barnett told FOX40.

The once independent Modesto couple is now having to rely on their daughters.

“Totally dependent, and we hate being dependent on someone else because we’re very independent people,” she said.

While they still can’t wrap their heads around the theft, there’s no ill will. Only the hope that someone will have a change of heart and bring the bike back.

“If it shows up, I’d probably put it in the garage and thank them for their consideration… No hard feelings,” David Barnett said.

The Barnetts describe the bike as silver and black, low to the ground and long with a small front wheel and large rear wheel. If you have any information on this theft, please contact the Modesto Police Department at (209) 572-9500.