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Police are looking for a white, 1990-92 Honda Civic. It was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run incident at South Land Park and 41st Avenue – an incident, not an accident.

For a second there, Donny C. thought it was his last go around.

“He hit me head on. I flew off the bike. I … For two seconds, I saw my life flash before my eyes,” Donny said.

He didn’t want us to use his last name for his own safety.

Donny was on his bike. The other guy was driving a car. They had words when Donny crossed an intersection – legally, he says – in front of the car.

“And the guy was all, ‘hey you *bleep*,’” Donny said.

The car drove off. Donny rode off, thinking that was the end of it. Until he saw the car had turned around and was heading straight for him.

“He came and rammed right into me. I fell over sideways and that there I’d where I think my leg hit the rock,” Donny said.

Donny C. ended-up in the hospital. He’s still got the bruises and scrapes to show for it.

The way Donny C. sees things, they test you for all kinds of skills before they give you a driver’s license. He says they ought to test for the ability to share the road and not the rage too.

“And if you fail,  you’ve got to wait six months and take some anger management classes, and prove that you’re not going to be a danger on the road,” Donny C. said.