Bikes Used by Special Needs Man Stolen Out of His Sacramento Garage

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UPDATE: Sacramento Police say they have recovered Ted Kelts’ bike.

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento family says two bikes built for their special needs son were stolen.

“Who would do that? Who would steal bikes from a special needs kid?” said Ted Kelts’ mother, Janet.

Life for 22-year-old Kelts can be a struggle.

“He has a syndrome called Rubinstein-Taybi,” Kelts’ mother said. “So, he was born completely nonverbal; he can’t speak.”

But when Ted Kelts rides his specially made bikes with his father the world opens up and his excitement is unavoidable.

“And he’s flying and, honestly, he’s laughing and smiling and shaking his head and flapping his hands,” Janet Kelts told FOX40. “I mean, he’s as happy as he can be.”

Saturday, the bikes that Ted uses with his family were taken from his Sacramento garage.

His mother said the garage door was closed at night, however, it was mysteriously open the next day and the $5,000 worth of bikes had vanished.

“Someone breaks in and steals his bikes. Now, he has no bikes to ride,” Janet said.

Janet said the pool is also an outlet for her son but nothing is quite as liberating as the bikes he’s had for a decade.

Ted uses his iPad to communicate and after his bikes were taken he only replied with one word.

“His response was that it was hard,” his mother said.


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