FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — A black bear paid a visit to a visit to the Woodcreek neighborhood in Fairfield Friday morning.

“He came up into the porch… and then came around here. And when he came around here… you see those? Claw marks,” said Fairfield resident Chris Linehan.

“He hopped over, came onto the other side. Came across, landed here, and then went all the way around,” he said.

The bear eventually left and Linehan shared his video to NextDoor to alert his neighbors. However, three days later, Linehan found what appeared to be a bear track in his backyard.

“I was shocked ’cause you don’t see the bears out here,” said Linehan. “You figure that it just wouldn’t come to your house.”

Executive and Education Director of Suisun Wildlife Center Monique Ligouri explained that although it is common for black bears to be in neighboring wilderness areas, it’s not often that they make it into residential areas.

“Bears that were born last year, and this is their first year on their own without mom. So they aren’t as wary of people, as the bears that have been around a little longer,” she said.

Ligouri also said that the bears were likely looking for food and water.

“Just enjoy seeing them. Don’t crowd them. Don’t make them feel threatened. They will go away. I personally would love to see one. I’ve never seen a bear in Solano County.”