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The way Lawrence Corpus sees it, it ought to be called Black Eye Friday.

“Because there was a fight, and black eyes were probably the result,” Corpus explains.

He was quick on the draw with his cell phone, just after midnight Friday morning at the Roseville Galleria.

“Basically, I was in the wrong place at the right time,” he said.

That’s when two women started throwing punches at each other, not exactly landing them on anyone’s “nice list.” And as Corpus’s camera continues to record, the fright spreads to three men. You can hear the Black Friday crowd shriek and see them scramble out of the way as the men crash into a barrier set-up around an amusement area at the Galleria.

“It was pretty intense,” said Oleg Siminchuk, of Air Joy. “I’m like, ‘somebody broke-up our fence.'”

And if you’re wondering what could it be that generated so much ill-will that one man was willing to kick another man in the head over it, would you believe it was women’s intimates?

“I’ve been in the retail business six years now, and I’ve never see a Black Friday this bad,” said Jessica Wilbourn.

Wilbourn works for the Victoria’s Secret at the mall. She says soon after the doors were open, customers there went crazy, climbing up on the “panty bar,” throwing clothes and boxes, pushing and shoving and trampling each other. She said one girl got hit in the head with a box and another, punched in the stomach.

20 minutes later, Victoria’s Secret was all clear-out mad needing to be cleaned-up.

“It took all day,” Wilbourn said.

And the crowd that had been inside with all its anger and angst, panties in a bunch you might say, spilled out and spun out of control. Witnesses say the mall brawl grew from there.

We asked Corpus if his opinion of Black Friday had changed as a result of what he captured on video.

“Not so much,” he said. “I don’t expect much of Black Friday. Just a lot of chaos.”