Black Lives Matter Protest Outside Sheriff Scott Jones’ Headquarters

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CARMICHAEL — They came by the dozen, packed outside Sheriff Scott Jones’ Carmichael office.

Protesters were black, white, young and old, all with the same feeling inside.

“I’m here today because I’m hurt from whats going on. How many lives is it going to take for something to change,” Gina Delao told FOX40.

It was Delao’s first Black Lives Matter protest. She proudly joined this week because she says she’s fed up after police shot and killed two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

“I’m gonna be involved all the way,” Delao said. “I’m all in because I am sick of it, the people are sick of whats happening,”

Tanya Faison is the head of Black Lives Matter Sacramento. She insists it’s important to keep rallying here because local black men have died at the hands of police and they’re calling for more transparency.

“We’re going through mourning, and we still have to live our lives,” Faison said. “And as a person of color, I’m scared. I’m scared of the police.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department insists it has been transparent.

Sheriff Scott Jones fired back at protesters for criticizing police at a time when officers around the country are in mourning.

“It is unfortunate timing that Black Lives Matter chose to protest just days after 5 officers were viciously killed at their Dallas demonstration. They, with full support from my opponents, are trying to create a narrative of a racist department with absolutely no evidence to support it,” said Sheriff Jones in a written statement.

Still, these activists vow to keep fighting for the lives lost.

“What if it was your brother, your uncle, your cousin, your son,” Delao said.

More protests are planned for Sunday and Monday in Sacramento.

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