Black Lives Matter Protesters Rally in Sacramento Following Release of Officer-Involved Shooting Video

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SACRAMENTO — Dozens of people took to the streets in old North Sacramento Wednesday night as part of a Black Live Matter protest. This comes a day after the Sacramento Police released video of the controversial shooting of 51-year-old Joseph Mann.

“We’re in an opportune moment to make sure that Joseph Mann, that that never happens to another black man in Sacramento, and we have to stand together,” said BLM demonstrator Elika Bernard.

Tuesday the police department released dash camera video of the July 11 incident where officers fired 18 shots, striking Mann 14 times.

At the time the department said officers felt threatened, believing Mann was possibly armed with a gun and knife, as reported by 911 callers. No gun was ever found, but a knife was recovered at the scene.

“I was sick to my stomach, you know, it was heart breaking, because you know this man didn’t deserve that,” demonstrator Kevin Carter said.

After watching the video, many in the crowd can’t understand why the officers opened fire.

“He could have been Tasered, you know, so many things that could have happened,” Carter told FOX40.

“With the expansion of media and video, we’re begging to see the stories, which have always been told,” Bernard said.

Some demonstrators did walk into the street, stalling traffic. But mostly, things remained peaceful. Some we talked to believe protests like this one help bring policing reforms.

“They accomplish an awakening, they accomplish the fact that we before normally wouldn’t say anything,” Bernard told FOX40.

The video was made public before the investigation into Mann’s death is complete. Demonstrators we spoke to hope the police department holds the officers who pulled the triggers accountable, but they fear that won’t happen.

“We keep getting the same results, no accountability, no transparency, no justice,” Carter said.


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