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For Emmett Jones, brotherly love is so powerful he can barely hold himself up after learning his brother, Walter Jones, has died.

“My best friend. He’s all I had,” said Jones.

Jones was doing something he loved when investigators say he jumped off a dock to try and help another man.

“They said he was fishing, took a fish off the hook and fell in the water. An hour or two hours later they were fishing my brother out of the water,” said Jones.

Jones and that other man drowned Sunday afternoon. Shortly after, crews found the bodies 13 feet under the Sacramento River.

Help didn’t come soon enough from emergency responders and from everyday heroes.

“We ran out when we heard the screaming noises of the people in the water,” said Eric Swepston.

Swepston and Kenneth McWilliams were in a nearby house along the river when they say they saw six people struggling to stay afloat.

“They were just kind of bobbing down the river so we did what we could,” said McWilliams.

They dove in, using a paddle board to help four of them reach solid ground. They say Jones and the second man were holding onto each other before they went under.

“I was just numb, numb. It’s so hard to lose a sibling,” said Jones’ sister Eula Hardy.

Jones’ relative tell FOX40 the two men were strangers. Now their families share the same pain.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says Jones jumped in to try and save the other man after he went in the water for some reason.

Jones’ bravery doesn’t change the fact the Emmett Jones lost his fishing buddy and his only brother.

“Today I retire from fishing. I’ll never put another pole in my hand,” Jones said.

The second man has not been identified.