September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Bounce house business temporarily closes in Cameron Park after owners are arrested in connection to honey oil bust

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CAMERON PARK, Calif. (KTXL) — When the kids are bouncing off the walls, Plan-It Bounce was the place to be.

But mother and customer Rachael Taylor said she won’t be taking her 5-year-old to her favorite inflatable park anytime soon after learning the Cameron Park business, which closed down Tuesday, is at the center of a criminal investigation.

“Shocked for sure because it’s just so true that you really don’t know people,” Taylor told FOX40.

The two licensed bounce house business owners, Chad Nicolay and Allison Hendricks, were arrested in connection with the bust of a butane honey oil lab, also known as concentrated cannabis.

Detectives searched the business and two homes in Placerville on Friday and found pounds of marijuana, concentrated cannabis, lab equipment and cans of butane gas.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Sgt. Anthony Prencipe said deputies found all the evidence inside the homes, not the business.

“With the butane gas, it is highly explosive, highly flammable, that could cause a massive fire that could endanger our entire county,” Prencipe said.

With 150 unused cans and 15,000 used canisters found, Nicolay, Luis Sandoval and Anthony Gaytan were arrested on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance and conspiracy.

Nicolay and Hendricks are also facing charges for child endangerment.

“The child endangerment charges are based on a child that was at the residences. Again, it wasn’t going back towards the businesses,” said Prencipe.

Gary Ferguson runs the nonprofit next door to Plan-It Bounce. While teaching classes for women veterans, he sends their kids to the bounce park.

“Well, I know Allie extremely well. So whatever happened is not in her realm of possibility,” he told FOX40. “I just asked myself when I heard about it, ‘What would Jesus do?’ He would reach out with empathy and compassion and trying to find a solution to support the community, not pass judgment.”

If the business reopens, he plans to continue sending kids there.

“Who are we to not let them play?” asked Ferguson.

But not every customer is as forgiving.

“You just wonder what else that you don’t know when you hear something like that,” said Taylor

Three of the suspects were in the El Dorado County Jail Tuesday night.

Officials said Allison Hendricks, who was not facing any manufacturing charges, has posted bail and been let out of jail.

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