Family: Boy Quarantined for Whooping Cough had been Vaccinated

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Monday was Nathaniel Eden’s first day of fourth grade. But, instead of school, the 9-year-old was at home.

“I don’t like my medicine,” he told FOX40, coughing.

Nathaniel has whopping cough; or Pertussis, which is highly contagious.

“He had a cold for a week but on Saturday the cough changed,” his mother Autumn said.

And, the part that really stumped her, is that her son has been vaccinated before.

“We had no idea where this came from,” she told FOX40 Monday.

Pediatrician Dr. Richard Gould says vaccines aren’t always 100%.

“They are about 90% affective on the first dose. It goes down to 80% the next year, and 70% the year after that,” he said.

Since the vaccine loses its effectiveness with time, Dr. Gould suggests children and adults get booster shots every few years. The Centers for Disease Control recommend children get shots at 2, 6, 8 and then not again until age 12.

But, Nathaniel is only 9, right in between shots.

“With whopping cough, you might not even recognize you have it,” Gould told FOX40.

But, if you think you do — vaccinated or not, it’s time to see a doctor. Nataniel, who is taking antibiotics, is scheduled to be back in school by Friday.

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