Boy who Fell into Pond Expected to be OK

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It was supposed to be a fun time of fishing; a grandmother taking her 2-year-old grandson out to a Vallejo pond. But what started out as fun nearly turned tragic.

The little boy fell into the water and the boy’s grandmother dove in the murky pond three times, but couldn’t find him. 911 was called, and emergency responders swarmed the scene.

Firefighter Dyhanne Stohmeyer, a 15-year veteran, immediately jumped into the water.

“It was up to my neck,” Stohmeyer said. “It was about five feet and it was really cold. He was actually underneath everybody, kind of underneath the road a few feet. Just suspended in the water.”

Once out of the water, the boy was rushed to Kaiser Vallejo, getting continuous CPR the entire way.

“I started immediately doing chest compressions,” said Paramedic/Firefighter Wally Trujillo. “There was a lot of fluid in in the baby’s mouth.”

At the end of the day, this story has a happy ending. The 2-year-old boy will reportedly be just fine.

“[It] feels great. We’re so happy. It’s better than we could’ve ever anticipated. A great outcome,” Stohmeyer said.

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