Bradshaw Animal Shelter Searching for Information on 2 Dog Abuse Cases

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SACRAMENTO -- The Bradshaw Animal Shelter is hoping someone may help shed light on two horrific dog abuse cases.

One dog was found running around a Sacramento apartment complex at Marconi Avenue and Lacy Lane. The 1-year-old's snout has undergone the kind of debriding the wounds of a burn victim would.

"You've got to get rid of all the dead tissue and the necrotic tissue, the infected tissue, to get down to new tissue growth to promote healing," said David Dickinson, director of the Sacramento County Department of Animal Care. "So our veterinarians took care of that immediately when the dog came in on Sunday."

The Papillion mix was 24 hours into recovery on Monday. Experts say there's no telling how long someone had an ill-fitting muzzle or tape over his face.

"That's probably weeks and weeks of being tied that way with the mouth closed," Dickinson said. "It causes very severe lacerations to the whole face."

He is a victim of one of two disturbing cases of abuse now under investigation by a special task force operating under the Animal Cruelty Prosecution Unit run by Sacramento County's District Attorney.

In the other case two dogs were found stacked on top of each other in a small crate dumped on the side of the road. A wire was wrapped around their necks as they struggled for space and air inside.

"A resident heard the dogs screaming," Dickinson said. "Basically one was being choked out by the other one, not on purpose, just because they were bound up tightly."

The two sisters were bound and left behind some trash cans on Countryfield Drive near Gerber and Power Inn roads.

A loving home and justice is what everyone at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter has been hoping for for the dogs once they're well enough to be adopted.

All three dogs are expected to make full recoveries.

Anyone with information about these cases can call 311 and use the reference numbers 744725 and 744723.


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