Breathalyzers in Bars Could Save Lives

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SACRAMENTO -- To avoid a run in with a police breathalyzer, one company wants you to consider a sort of preventative breathalyzer.

“It just makes you aware; it's all about awareness,” said Lyfe Saverz owner Mike Samaritano.

Mike Samaritano is the owner of Lyfe Saverz, coin-operated breathalyzers installed at bars across the Sacramento area.

“The goal is to go to the bars that have these so they can have fun and make good decisions,” Samaritano said.

FOX40 has not independently verified the systems’ accuracy, but Samaritano says the breathalyzers are calibrated regularly and have 98 percent accuracy.

Johnny Freeman said he had two beers and a shot a half hour before checking his status on the Lyfe Saverz machine, and found himself below the legal limit for driving.

“It helps because I do have to drive, so it was good to know that”, Freeman said.

A Lyfe Saverz breathalyzer has been in place at the Sports Corner bar in Old Sacramento for six months. Manager Sheila Winslow says so far it’s been helpful in giving patrons a reality check.

“It's another tool and it's fun, people enjoy using it ,” Winslow said.

Sacramento Police Sgt. Chris Prince who oversees DUI enforcement says commercial breathalyzers can be helpful in keeping people mindful of how much they drink. However, he warns not to take the readings on those breathalyzers at face value, saying that a person’s blood alcohol level may continue to rise for a time after they drink. Therefore the breathalyzer may reflect a lower blood alcohol content than is accurate.

For more on the Life Saverz machines and the bars stores that carry them visit their site.

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