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(KTXL) –With the vaccine rollout, more restrictions begin to lift, allowing more businesses to reopen. 

This week, breweries, wineries and distilleries that don’t serve food can open outdoors if they are in purple and red tier counties. 

It was a big victory for those businesses, but now, they just hope customers come back. 

People gathering under a tent with their favorite beverage is a welcome sight for Heidi Wilder, director of funtivities at Fort Rock Brewery in Rancho Cordova.

“Very grateful. We are very, very happy with that,” Wilder said.

Fort Rock Brewery has it better than most as they teamed up with food trucks and are able to operate as a restaurant, which let them stay open during the pandemic. 

“Every time it gets a little better. You are sleeping an extra hour when you are not laying in bed at night,” Wilder said. 

Others who didn’t choose that route felt that same relief Saturday as they were able to reopen outdoors whether they were purple or red tier counties.

Some rules do apply, however. Customers can only stay for 90 minutes maximum and on-site consumption service must end by 8 p.m.

“We continue to learn and move forward,” said Erle Mankin, the co-owner of Jackrabbit Brewing in West Sacramento.

Since the pandemic began, he turned his brewery into a restaurant just to stay open.

“We are just trying to do the best we can to open safely,” Mankin said.

Mankin told FOX40 that staying open without having to serve food gives him and other breweries an option, something they haven’t had a lot of.

 He adds he will continue to team up with food trucks because of the unpredictability of the restrictions. 

“We didn’t want to change and then maybe change back,” Mankin said.

Wilder remains hopeful that this news is a small glimpse of what’s to come in the months ahead.

“Fingers crossed that everything will get a little better,” Wilder said. 

Some good news could be coming for Sacramento County as the state projects it could go into the red tier, allowing for indoor dining at restaurants.