SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The 85-foot boat that caught on fire on June 21, which was left in the Sacramento River, will finally be removed on Wednesday.

Since no owner had been identified, there were no local or state funds available to remove the boat from the water.

According to a news release, Sacramento County put in an emergency request to the State Lands Commission to get funding to remove the boat from the Sacramento River due to its “compromised integrity after the fire and concern that it would be torn apart by the river current and leak hazmat materials into the water.”

Funding was granted by the Commission’s Kapiloff Land Bank Fund to remove the boat from the water.

According to a Sacramento County spokesperson, days after the fire, the California Department of Fish and Wildfire’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response contained the oil that spilled out of the watercraft and removed fuel and hazmat from the water.

The boat has been in the water since the fire and has stayed afloat due to a continuous pump removing water from inside the boat.

Once removed, the boat will be taken to the Lind Marine Shipyard in Vallejo for disposal.

According to the news release, Senator Susan Eggman sponsored Senate Bill 1065, which coordinates the removal, destruction, and disposal of commercial abandoned and derelict vessels. SB 1065 will create a state program that brings federal, state, and local partners together to remove the boats from the waterways.