SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento County spokesperson said that an 85-foot boat that caught fire Tuesday in the Sacramento River would remain in the water.

The spokesperson said that there is no funding to remove the vessel since no owner has been identified and there are no local or state funds available to remove it.

The privately-owned former military watercraft was extinguished by the Sacramento Fire Department.

According to a Sacramento County Spokesperson, the California Department of Fish and Wildfire, Office of Spill Prevention and Response has contained the oil that spilled out of the watercraft and fuel and hazmat removal is currently underway.

According to a Sacramento County Spokesperson, Senator Susan Eggman is the sponsor of Senate Bill 1065 which coordinates the removal, destruction, and disposal of commercial abandoned and derelict vessels. SB 1065 will create a state program that brings federal, state, and local partners together to remove the boats from the waterways.