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A man has been arrested in the disappearance and death of 6-year-old Jadianna Larsen.

Jadianna was first reported missing Thursday morning around 11 a.m. by her mother’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Juan Rivera. Rivera, who was Jadianna’s caretaker, told investigators that he had a “medical emergency” and woke up to find the girl missing.

Detectives confirmed that Jadianna had not been in school for a week.

Thursday morning, in the rural Glenn County community of Artois, the burned remains of a young girl were found. Detectives say Crime Lab results came back with a positive identification of Jadianna’s remains.

Investigators are now working to determine where and how Jadianna was killed.

Rivera was booked into Sacramento County Jail for murder.

A community in shock

Meanwhile, the friends and family of Jadianna is taking the news hard, especially the girl’s mother.

Latasha Windham Orebaugh told FOX40 her friend Tanecia Clark, is Jadianna’s mother, and that Clark has been in a relationship with Rivera for three years.

Orebaugh said Clark’s only fault was she trusted people too easily and, unfortunately, this time she trusted the wrong person to watch Jadianna, while Clark was in rehab.

“Everybody is talking about the bad mother, the bad mother, but she was trying to get structure more better so she could be a better mother, so she trusted somebody. I don’t want it to get all twisted up she was one of the best poor poverty mothers there was here in Sacramento, and walked her daughter to school every morning,” Windham Orebaugh said.

Windham Orebaugh set up a memorial for her niece outside the apartment complex where she used to live near MLK and 47th Avenue in South Sacramento.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s detectives say Clark and Rivera have been cooperative.

“(Clark’s) boyfriend has also been cooperative. That has not changed. There has not been a moment where he has decided not to be cooperative,” Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Lisa Bowman said Saturday morning. “It’s the change of events and the discovery of new evidence that has produced our suspicions and ultimately his arrest.”

FOX40 has learned Rivera does have prior arrests dating back to 2010, including a burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

Family warns of scammers

Unfortunately some are taking advantage of this tragedy.

Jadianna’s grandfather, David Clark, says some who live at the complex where the little girl and her mother lived claimed to be related to the family, but are in fact not.

Clark wants the public to know there were some people taking donations at a memorial for Jadianna at the complex where she lived on Saturday, but that those people are not doing so on behalf of the family.

“We loved Jadianna, she has a very strong family, we’re there for her,” Clark told FOX40. “I swear on my dead mama’s grave I’m going to find out who did this, why and what the cause was.”

Clark said his daughter, Tanecia, was in rehab for substance abuse problems. Unfortunately, while trying to get clean, she left her daughter with her boy friend, Juan Rivera, the man detectives have now arrested.

Clark said he knows little about Rivera.

“I didn’t know nothing about that character. I don’t know who is responsible, I know I got a dead grand baby,” Clark said. “My daughter is dealing with it, she’s dealing with it. I got 17 grandchildren, I love all of them, now I got 16.”

Clark told FOX40 he’s disappointed with the lack of information coming from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department over the past 48 hours.

“No one from the Sheriff’s Office has called me,” Clark told FOX40.