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TRUCKEE, Calif. (KTXL) — Downtown Truckee is looking like a postcard this Wednesday evening as lights and holiday decorations await some snow. 

Businesses are also looking forward to the snow. 

“Snow brings skiing, skiing brings business. You ski all day, you need pizza,” Elise Best said. 

Best is the owner of Best Pies Pizzeria. After being closed for the past five weeks for an interior remodel, Best said the expected snowfall and the tourists it brings in is perfect timing.

Out-of-towners provide the majority of sales during this time of year. 

“Oh yeah, 75, 75%,” Best said. 

On Interstate 80, Caltrans crews used the hours before the snow to help keep drivers safe, putting down a mixture of sand and salt brine. 

“And that really helps prevent and break up ice quicker later on, so they are pre-treating the roads right now. They are staging equipment at very strategic areas to make sure that our equipment is ready to go,” said Raquel Borrayo with Caltrans District 3. 

Borrayo told FOX40 chain controls are expected with this storm, adding I-80 should hopefully remain open. 

“If people do not drive slowly for the weather conditions and drive safely, then there may be incidents that cause the road to temporarily close while we get the road cleared,” Borrayo said. 

Drivers are advised to exercise caution and drive slower in order to avoid crashes, spinouts and road closures.