Businesses, law enforcement prepare for potential unrest as Inauguration Day nears

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Law enforcement officials around the State Capitol continue to gear up for potential unrest that could take place this weekend through Inauguration Day. 

Some businesses were also preparing by boarding up their storefronts Friday, but not all of them are taking the same course. 

Andrew Harrison, who works near the Capitol, said he was not worried the crowds will damage businesses. 

“There might be a lot of people who might physically spill over but I don’t see why they would come to the business side,” Harrison said. 

The owner of Good Bottle, however, was not taking any chances. 

“Most shocking, least surprising thing that’s ever happened, I think, in my lifetime,” said Christoper Sinclair. 

He said he will close his business and board it up starting Saturday until after Inauguration Day. 

“We couldn’t imagine having our customers and our community risk their lives just to come buy a bottle of booze,” Sinclair told FOX40. 

Sinclair said he was saddened by what took place last week at the U.S. Capitol and the unrest that has taken place at the State Capitol since the election. 

Sacramento police have been in the middle of all it since the election. The department said nearly 1,400 officers were used in the weekly demonstration where officers were yelled at, sworn at, targeted and injured. 

Police Chief Daniel Hahn told FOX40 earlier in the week he supports peaceful protest but “when it turns to violence or property damage, that is a whole a different story.” 

Sacramento County’s district attorney issued a warning to people that they will be aggressively prosecuted if they commit a crime while protesting. 

As Sacramento District Attorney, I will zealously support every citizen’s right to protest, while at the same time aggressively prosecute those who use violence and lawlessness to cause harm or destruction on our Capitol grounds and in our community.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert

For businesses, it’s the latest frustration in a long line of them. Sinclair said he hopes things start getting better soon. 

“I think the majority of people are just tired of it,” Sinclair said. 

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