(FOX40.COM) — CAL FIRE has announced that as of Monday, its Butte Unit will no longer require burn permits.

The fire agency added that some areas in Butte County may still require a permit or have burn restrictions in place, which can be found here.
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According to CAL FIRE, there are three types of burn permits. Permits for residential burning, one for broadcast burning, and one for agency burning.

  • Residential Burning is burning outdoors at a single or two-family dwelling unit or residence.
  • Broadcast Burning is a controlled application of fire to the land, often called a controlled burn or prescribed fire.
  • Agency/Ag Burning consists of General Projects, where broadcast burning is performed by a state agency or the agricultural industry, or Preventive Projects that could cause a fire.

Although burn permits will no longer be required, CAL FIRE still asks that residents do their due diligence and make sure the day they decide to burn anything is a “permissive burn day,” which can be discovered by contacting your local air quality district.

“As a reminder, always have a minimum 10-foot clearance, down to bare mineral soil all around burn piles, have a shovel and a water source available, and an adult present during burning,” CAL FIRE’s social media post advised before administering a warning.

“Failure to follow these simple precautions may result in a citation and fines,” the agency concluded.