September 24 2021 03:30 pm

CA Drought: El Dorado Homeowner Loses Insurance Due to Wildfire Risk

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For nearly 20 years Reverend Pattie Weber has owned her El Dorado home and the 14 acres it sits on.

“I have been paying insurance for as long as I’ve been a homeowner. And I like it,” said Weber.

What she didn’t like was the letter she received this week from her fire insurance company, Liberty Mutual, stating her home poses an unacceptable risk for wildfire. Pattie has been a customer for 6 years– paying about $155 a month.

“They basically said we have less than a month to find a new insurance company. They were dropping us due to our location,” said Weber.

The home she has been living in for nearly two decades? Why now?

According to the letter–Pattie’s house is in close proximity to ‘flammable vegetation,’ has wind patterns relative to fire fuel, and has poor road accessibility for firefighters.

All of this is all legal. According to the California Department of Insurance, an insurer can– by law– choose to not renew a policy in a high-risk area.

“We have created a lot of defensible space,” said Weber. “We are very mindful of living with nature.”

Pattie urges Liberty Mutual– to reconsider, pointing out her groomed vegetation and newly installed pool for firefighters should they need water in an emergency. What she wants is for someone from liberty mutual to come see all of this.

“I would love to see the insurance company really treat us country folk like  individuals,” she concluded.

Liberty Mutual told FOX40 Monday the company does comment on individual  customer policies. Rather, they look at each risk on a case by case basis.

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