Cal Fire Crews Work to Mitigate Wildfire Risk

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SACRAMENTO — High winds and low humidity are the makings of perfect fire weather conditions and the reason for Wednesday and Thursday’s Red Flag Warning.

Cal Fire has been ramping up crews and repositioning equipment to the northern half of the state.

“We have in excess of probably (300) to 400 augmented firefighters between engines, hand crews, aviation assets, et cetera, pre-positioned around Northern California in strategic areas,” said Cal Fire Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit Chief Brian Estes.

It’s a scenario firefighters have seen play out in the devastating fires within the past couple of years.

“When we talk about the Tubbs and the Nuns and the Carr, and then most recently the Camp Fire, there are some similarities in the time of year that those fires occurred, the predicted and significant wind events,” Estes told FOX40.

But Estes said one big difference between those fires and this year is that past fires happened during a drought.

“Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep things from getting to that major status,” he said. “Dynamic mobilization for all equipment. “We’re constantly moving equipment around as things become drawn down and as we see activity pick up.”

The chief recognized the hypersensitivity when it comes to the power shut-offs but urged residents to stay calm and stay safe.

“I’m fed up and I think a lot of people are,” said a local resident. “We can handle a day, something like that, not a big deal. But when they say it’s going to last this long, we didn’t expect that.”

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