Calaveras County Neighborhood Deals With Bear Break-Ins

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CALAVERAS COUNTY — A bear paid a visit to multiple homes in a Calaveras County community Saturday night, even managing to climb up to the second story of one residence just to get inside.

“Then I started shaking, thinking, ‘Huh, there’s something out there,’” said Ann Sorensen.

Sorensen told FOX40 she was sleeping soundly Saturday in her Camp Connell home, where she has lived for the last 17 years, when she was awoken by the sound of an intruder.

“I deliberately heard a noise out there like something is walking out there and I thought, ‘OK, now I have to go face it. This is game on,’” she recalled.

She walked out of her bedroom with a loaded gun in hand fearing she would find a person in her living room — but her nose told her otherwise.

“Outside my door, I noticed that there was dirt on the floor and I could smell a stench like garbage, you know, like when you go the dump garbage. So, I thought a bear. So I said ‘hey’ and all of a sudden he ran out,” Sorensen said.

The bear had climbed up to the second floor and entered through a window, clawing out the screen to carve an opening.

Sorensen said she immediately ran back to her bedroom and called the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

The bear did not damage any furniture and never took any food but Sorensen later learned that was not the only home the animal visited that night.

“Just told my neighbor about it and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, well he came to see me a half-hour before he saw you,’” Sorensen said.

A family down the road on Shoshone Drive in Big Trees Village also got a visit. The homeowner came within feet of touching the bear in the dark.

And that wasn’t it.

Surveillance video shows yet another bear hours earlier roaming a neighbor’s front yard in the same area.

No one was hurt but Sorensen said she hopes it serves as a lesson to others in the area to keep your windows shut and your garbage sealed.

“I want people to be bear aware because a fed bear is a dead bear,” she said. “You want to keep your family safe and your neighbors safe and your pets safe.”

By the time deputies got to the home around 45 minutes later, the bear had already taken off.


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