LAKE BERRYESSA, Calif. (KTXL) — It’s a story about a lost and found item, but this one was 53 years in the making.

It involves a class ring, some curiosity and a lake.

For Dirk and Kelli Byassee of Vacaville and Dana Scott Laughlin of Foley, Alabama, it’s the hope that this will be just one of many.

Laughlin, coming from a military family, said she lost her class ring back in 1969, right after she graduated from Vanden High School in Fairfield. To celebrate, she went to Lake Berryessa. The ring slipped off her finger while swimming.

“We couldn’t look for it because we were moving to Wichita, Kansas,” Laughlin said.

The ring sat at the bottom of the lake until earlier this month thanks in part to the drought and Dirk Byassee.

“The water was so low,” Dirk Byassee said.

On the morning of the 4th of July, Dirk Byassee was walking along Lake Berryessa looking for lost fishing gear. He began moving the rocks around until he came upon something unexpected.

“There it was, shining so bright,” he recalled.

When he brought it home he asked his wife, Kellie for some help.

“She is a detective,” Dirk Byassee said. “I knew she was excited to find this person.”

Immediately she got on her phone and posted it on Facebook groups.

“He found it Monday, and I heard from her Friday,” Kellie Byassee said.

Then, five days later, Laughlin put on the ring, which still fit perfectly.

“I think it’s amazing, and I really appreciate you guys doing that for me,” Laughlin said. “I was overwhelmed and I think I cried a little bit because I couldn’t believe it after all these years.”

“I would have been disappointed if we didn’t find anybody. It just makes the story even better,” Dirk Byassee said.

“Just to know I made her happy, it makes me happy,” Kellie Byassee added.

Laughlin received the ring on Wednesday and said she won’t be taking it off anytime soon.