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GLENN COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The ongoing drought is not just an issue for highly-populated areas. It’s also hitting rural communities hard.

“I’ve been in the area about 37 years, but on this land, 30 years,” Glenn County resident Joey Franks told FOX40.

Franks lives in the north of the county just outside of Orland. She says she’ll live in the area the rest of her life.

“Because I have my heart invested in this place,” Franks explained.

Her passion for her land can’t help the emptiness far below it.

“Recently, the sprinklers stop sprinkling and so I realized something was up,” Franks said.

Franks is not alone.

Glenn County officials say more than 200 homes that rely on underground water well no longer have water. Most of those residents have no access to water at all.

On Wednesday, they received some help.

“So, we got a water distribution event that’s open to Glenn County residents that are suffering from water insecurities due to the ongoing drought,” said Amy Travis, the department director of Glenn County’s Office of Emergency Services. 

Those who needed water picked it up by the caseload at the Orland Fire Department.

“It’s very helpful because you don’t think about how much drinking water you use or how much water you take to work,” said resident Will Brey.

The need for water goes beyond just drinking supply. Without water, showers are no longer possible.

That is why Glenn County is having people go to a Pilot truck stop off of Interstate 5, allowing two showers per week per person.

“In times of need, you find how many people really care,” Franks said.

Franks is one of the fortunate ones. Her sons helped her move in an above-ground water tank that holds 2,500 gallons. The supply will last her just over a month before needing a refill.

Those without an above-ground tank must rely on Mother Nature during the upcoming rainy season for their water needs.

Glenn County officials told FOX40 they will soon start a program that will bring tanks and water to those in the county where wells have run dry.