Only 38% of California’s available COVID-19 vaccines have been used. Why?

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SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) – Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows California is lagging behind the rest of the nation in administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

The state has distributed more than 4.7 million doses of vaccine but only 1.8 million, or 38.25%, have been administered.

Other larger states like New York, Florida and Texas are near the 50% mark, with 50.86%, 50.23% and 57.02% respectively. Virginia trails California, with 37.59% of vaccines administered.

The question remains: Why is the Golden State falling behind?

“As more become available, more tiers will open and access and availability will improve,” said Solano County Emergency Medical Services Agency Administrator Ted Selby.

Solano County officials held a town hall Friday on COVID-19 vaccine rollout and distribution.

Officials said they received approximately 32,000 doses and 20,000 have already been used.

“When people say that these counties are not using all of their vaccines, in many insistences it’s a safety precaution to ensure we have the full doses that we need to provide those booster vaccinations,” Selby explained.

Booster vaccinations are the second shot that is required for the vaccine to work.

A California Department of Public Health official told FOX40 that’s one reason for the low number; the second shot remains on the book even though it hasn’t been administered.

There are also some vaccines that have been administered and haven’t been added to the system.

Even though the CDC says more than 4.7 million doses were distributed, the state has received just under 4 million.

Meanwhile, Solano County officials said other than health care workers, they are currently vaccinating individuals 75 years of age and older.

“Right now, we don’t have adequate supply of the vaccine for the levels demand,” said Solano County Health Officer Dr. Christine Wu. “We are still months away from getting everyone who wants a vaccine, vaccinated.”

Officials continue to urge people to be patient.

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