Camera Captures Burglar Shattering Front Door of Downtown Sacramento Spice Shop

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DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO — Someone broke into a downtown Sacramento shop, leaving behind a trail of destruction and shattered glass, and it was all caught on a surveillance camera.

“I actually had no idea that anything had happened at the shop until I got a call from our building engineer,” said the owner of The Allspicery, Heather Wong.

Wong has owned The Allspicery for the past three years.

Early Wednesday, a gaping hole in the front door of the business put people walking by on high alert.

“I rounded the corner and saw this rock laying right by our chili section and figured out that it hit the wall here,” Wong told FOX40.

Store surveillance footage shows a man walking up to the front door of the store. He appears to throw a rock through the front glass.

Then he steps through and walks inside Wong’s business, heading straight for the cash register.

“The spices were untouched,” Wong explained. “He didn’t take anything of real value. Our iPad was left, our laptop was left.”

The man is then seen going throughout cabinets in the store with the empty cash register in his hand.

“Nothing else, just left quite a bit of mess for us to clean up,” Wong said.

Despite the mess, Wong said her “dream” spice shop will recover from the damage.

Wong was the winner of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s “Calling All Dreamers” competition back in 2015. She submitted a business idea to open up the spice shop right across from the Capitol.

Now she’ll have to get back to business as usual without a cash register to ring up customers for the day.

She said the next time someone tries to break into her shop in the middle of the night she’ll be better prepared.

“We may just end up leaving the cash register drawer open to let them so they can see that there’s nothing of value there,” she said. “But if that’s what it comes down to in this neighborhood, that’s something that we’re willing to consider.”

If you happen to recognize the man seen in the surveillance footage, contact Sacramento police.


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