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SACRAMENTO — Everyday Sacramento runner, Sean McCaskill jogs the same route, parallel to the Tower Bridge – A golden icon, the entryway to Sacramento. But a group of people want to give the bridge even more sparkle.

“Last year, when I was on the bridge, I looked around and thought, well this bridge looks tired,” Sandy Smoley said.

In 1989, former Sacramento County Supervisor, Sandy Smoley got a group of private investors to raise $250,000 to install the first set of lights onto the bridge. Now, she is looking to upgrade. She is now the chair of her new campaign called “Repower the Tower.”

“We have LED lights which is energy efficient and also lasts a lifetime,” Smoley said.

The price tag now $800,000. Just like in 1989, it will be privately funded through donations. Smoley said this is a private investment that will save tax payers in the long run.

“The energy saved is just great, and we will also get some rebate money for making the conversion to energy efficient,” Smoley said.

Smoley said the LEDs would also have the ability to change colors.

“I think it’s a good idea, because doesn’t the White House do something like that when they have LED lights? I think it would be a really cool idea to add LED lights to it,” Sacramento resident, Chase Gordon said.

The idea is exactly like the White House. Instead of having several colors at a time, they will choose one color and have a soft LED shine from the bottom onto the structure. Still, this is something McCaskill isn’t convinced would improve visual the bridge during his runs.

“Gold goes well with pretty much any season. Anything else would just be unnecessary and gaudy,” McCaskill said.

Smoley said the color changes will only happen on special occasions — About a dozen times a year.

“Opening night of the Kings, it can be purple. Opening night of the Rivercats, it can be red. St. Patricks Day, green. And how fun is that?” Smoley said.

The “Repower the Tower” campaign kicked off Feb. 15. Donations can be made online here.