Cannabis for Kids: Family Pleads their Case Before City Council

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Jason David stood before the Modesto City Council asking that they help save his son’s life by allowing him to grow and test his own CBD — which is found in marijuana.

“I am asking. I am pleading with you. Please help us get his medicine for our children,” said David.

David says there are only two strains of Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, that have helped children like his son Jayden — who once had four seizures a day, sometimes lasting over an hour and a half.

After David began giving Jayden CBD in a liquid form, Jayden’s seizures decreased to one a day and they lasted, at most, a minute and a half.

Modesto’s anti-dispensary ordinance has kept David from getting the CBD he needs.

Even after traveling to dozens of dispensaries across the state, David could not find what he needed.

“You are right,” said David to council members. “In the state of California 90% of people want to get high. They are not interested in making this plant. It is not money for them.”

In the audience were several parents some traveling as far as Bakersfield to support David — like Jackie West, whose son Adam could not breathe or move a muscle after two brain surgeries.

“I brought him home not knowing what the future would hold and then I learned about CBD. That was in December of 2012 and here we are almost a year later. He is not on the breathing machine anymore. He is able to move his arms and his legs,” said West.

After hearing the testimonies, council members were interested in learning more.

“This CBD should be available and I think there should be an effort to make it available. We are just growing into this situation,” said council member John Gunderson.

Council said they want a committee to review the pros and cons for CBD and possibly make a decision in November.

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