CARES Act funding to be made available for some West Sacramento businesses

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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Relief is on the way for dozens of small businesses in West Sacramento. 

The city has secured $150,000 in CARES Act funding for places that had to close or change how they operate during the pandemic. 

That funding will be given out in the form of grants to 50 restaurants and other local establishments that have struggled through the pandemic. 

Each of them will receive $3,000 to catch up on their bills and stay afloat. 

“It’s definitely been tough and unpredictable,” said Campus Brewing Company general manager Peter Halldorf. 

Like many restaurants and bars, the pandemic has changed the way they operate. Much of their business has been moved from the inside to the outside with social-distancing restrictions. 

“Our biggest project became how can we expand out patio to fit more people,” Halldorf told FOX40. “Because the more people we could fit, the more money we could make, obviously.” 

So, Halldorf and his team adapted. They transformed the outdoor space with more tables, benches, fences and lights, even a brand new patio to welcome in more customers safely. 

Those changes cost a pretty penny. 

It’s a reason why the city of West Sacramento is lending a helping hand and offering businesses like Campus Brewing $3,000 worth of CARES Act funding. 

“Especially at a time where our sales are significantly lower than they normally might be, every cent really counts,” Halldorf said. 

City leaders are hoping the extra money helps small businesses hold on just a little longer. 

“They’ve really struggled and when we’ve gone to visit restaurants in our community and their operators, you know, the look on their face. They’re working so hard and they’re trying so hard to keep things going,” said West Sacramento Economic Development Manager Diane Richards. “And this is really just trying to throw them a lifeline, trying to give them a little bit of encouragement.” 

The city is doing it so businesses can continue to pour life and normalcy into the community. 

“They create most of the jobs and they, literally, have been … really built the community character of West Sacramento,” Richards said. “We really appreciate them and we really want them to know how much we care as a city.” 

“It means a lot. We’re happy that the city of West Sacramento and (Mayor) Christopher Cabaldon are really pulling for local organizations and local businesses,” Halldorf said. 

Small business owners in West Sacramento who are eligible can apply for the funding starting next week. Click or tap here to learn more.

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