Carjacking Suspects Crash Stolen Car Into Stockton Home

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STOCKTON — A high-speed police chase ended right outside a Stockton resident’s front door Thursday night.

“I heard the sirens coming from quite a distance,” said 88-year-old Jim DeLoach Sr. “And it got louder and louder and louder, and then I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is getting close.’ Then all of a sudden a big bang. My back bedroom door swung open.”

DeLoach told FOX40 he got out of bed to see what had happened.

“I see a car poked halfway in my house,” he said.

In the middle of the night, his East Morada Lane home turned into a crime scene.

“When I looked out they had the guns drawn. And they came in and escorted me back around the house and put me in a car and waited until they cleared the house,” DeLoach said.

Stockton Police Department spokesman Officer Joe Silva reports the suspects led officers on a 6-mile chase through Stockton after they carjacked another man at gunpoint earlier Thursday.

“The suspects who carjacked this victim are very bold, very brazen. They used a firearm to scare and to intimidate the victim,” Silva said.

The victim complied and then reported his car stolen to police.

“Property and vehicles can be replaced, your life can’t,” Silva said. “So, obviously, in that situation the victim did the right thing and turned over his vehicle.”

An officer spotted the stolen car hours later near Hammer and West lanes, where the chase through town began.

Officers arrested 20-year-olds Peter Fuentes and Alonzo Castaneda, along with two teenagers for the carjacking, among other charges.

The good news is police say no one was injured in the carjacking or the crash.


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