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CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) – California’s dry, drought-like conditions could mean fines for Carmichael residents if they waste water.

The Carmichael Water District is calling for a 10%-20% reduction in usage.

Residents who waste water could face a fine between $50-$500.

Residents may recall Gov. Gavin Newsom asking Californians to cut back on how much water they use earlier this month. Since then, the state has only become drier.

Potential fines in Carmichael are designed to get people to really think about what they are doing to help conserve water, such as being mindful of which day watering is allowed for a specific address.

“The main thing we’re asking people to do is to follow a three-day week watering schedule,” explained Carmichael Public Information Officer Chris Nelson. “That way, they can make sure they are just watering their landscapes only three days a week. Most landscapes don’t need more than that.”

The Carmichael Water District is also asking people to fix any leaks at their homes.

District officials say their main goal is to inform people and fines are for repeat offenders.

Currently, officials said they are focused on getting the word out and let people know they need to conserve water.

To help their efforts, Carmichael residents can request a free home inspection this summer to find ways to save water and in turn, save money on that water bill.