CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) — In February, Shlanda Breeden was crowned State Queen Mrs. California HeartShine and will be representing California next year in the run for National Queen.

Breeden is a community leader and animal advocate, and she partners with the Canine for Cancer Association. She has been using her title to provide information to pet owners on ways to cut down veterinary care expenses.

Breeden partnered with the Canines for Cancer Association to help people detect cancer in their pets early.

Breeden is a multifaceted titleholder while also working on her bachelor’s degree in business management at Grand Canyon University. She currently works as an accounting officer for the State of California and owns her own business, Kit Kat Poochie Parties.

Breeden plans to use her title to continue spreading the word about affordable pet medication and how to cut down on veterinary expenses.