Castrated Sex Offender Registers in Sacramento near School

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Kevin Reilly, the sex offender who was released from a mental hospital after a jury ruled that he was no longer a danger, registered as a sex offender at a Sacramento area motel.

Reilly, 53, made headlines after he was voluntarily castrated a decade ago as part of a treatment for his urges to molest young girls.

Prosecutors fought his release in Orange County, but jurors were convinced by the testimony of three doctors saying Reilly was no longer a sexual predator.

Just days after his release, a man identifying himself as a relative of one of his victims emailed a local Christian school that Reilly was on the state’s Megan’s Law website and that his residence was across the street.

FOX40 News was told by a clerk that he checked out of the motel after staying just a couple of days. His attorney said after his victory in court last week that Reilly planned to settle in Utah where he would be looking for work as an accountant.

The email said Reilly was neither on probation nor on parole.

California’s Jessica’s law prohibits sex offenders on parole from living within 2,000 feet of a park or a school.

Nearby residents agreed with prosecutors who objected to his release. They still considered him a danger despite his castration.

“It’s in the head. If you’re not fixing what’s in the head, how his brain is wired, then I would say that’s not a cure,” resident Theresa Caprasecca said.

Michael Wade said juries can be fooled by sexual predators.

“They have poker faces like anybody else, they can fool somebody into thinking they’re well when they’re not,” said Wade.

There was no comfort in the possibility that Reilly might have moved on to Utah.

“It doesn’t matter where they go, there are kids in danger everywhere,” said Wade.

Reilly’s molestation crimes happened 15 to 20 years ago.

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