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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento Code Enforcement raid was caught on camera Sunday as it played out outside at Sacramento’s Southside Park.

The street vendors, mostly Spanish speaking, mostly Mexican food cart vendors, are positioned there almost every Sunday. As their carts were loaded into a flatbed truck last Sunday, code enforcement said they were responding because of complaints.

In a Facebook Live recording, the peace officers say the vendors had been warned.

“I came and I personally talked to each of them months ago. And I told them, ‘If you don’t comply, if you don’t get a permit, you’re going to be in violation, they’re going to confiscate your product,'” said an officer in the video.

“You know that this is not the right way to do it,” said Desiree Rojas on the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement.

Rojas was on hand as peace officers loaded up food, carts and tables then dumped punch into the storm drains.

“Look at what they’re doing,” she says in the recording.

One woman in the video sat on a cooler full of water and sodas. She says she needs them for her family.

“It was embarrassing and humiliating. And I don’t think that the Mexican community deserves to be treated that way,” Rojas told FOX40. “We thought it was ICE.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church hosts the single largest congregation of Mexican immigrants in Sacramento.

Rojas said some of the vendors had filed for permits already and most want to work legally, but can’t work at all now that their carts have been confiscated.

“They literally instilled fear,” Rojas said. “And right now, we’re conducting our own investigation.”

Representatives from the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement plan to address the issue at city council this Tuesday.