Caught on camera: Man drags cat down midtown street

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Midtown residents are angry after a person was caught on camera dragging a cat down the sidewalk Sunday morning. 

People living in midtown are now hoping someone can identify the man and they say, if the cat is going to be treated this way, they are hoping to rescue it. 

The incident was caught on home security camera by a man who asked to remain anonymous due to retaliation, but he told FOX40 he was angry and felt this situation was animal cruelty. 

“He probably dragged the cat 70-80 feet down the sidewalk,” he said. “What was most disconcerting, for me, was at the end, the cat was on its back and hadn’t moved to other than to relieve the collar pressure around the neck.” 

It’s a walk that is causing strong emotions. 

In the video, a man is seen walking a cat near the W-X Freeway and 21st Street, when the cat lies down and the man continues dragging it down the sidewalk. 

The man who recorded the video shared it to the NextDoor app. His neighbors felt the same way he did. 

“This is horrible. Hope someone can identify this jerk,” one wrote.

“Do it the other way around…put the leash on the guy and see how that falls,” another commented. 

Ryan Hinderman, public information coordinator for Front Street Animal Shelter, couldn’t speak on this case, but confirms a report has been filed and an investigation will begin soon.

He added that people should report these types of incidents.

“In the city of Sacramento is to call the 311 call center, which is our dispatch. Depending on the urgency of the situation, they will dispatch an officer,” Hinderman explained. 

And for a major emergency where an animal is being beaten, Hinderman says people can call 911. 

Neighbors hope the cat is unharmed and can find a loving home. 

“Public awareness of how not to treat animals and if you do treat animals that way in public, then maybe there will be ramifications,” said the man who shot the video. 

Neighbors don’t think the man on camera lives in their neighborhood but instead was there for another reason. 

Hinderman encourages people to report animal creulty. 

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