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SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is bracing for roughly 900 Grand Princess passengers to undergo quarantine at Travis Air Force Base.

But as some wait to get off the ship, frustrations are growing.

Life under cruise ship cabin quarantine grows more complicated by the minute for the Pryor family.

Sheila Pryor is worried about her 1-year-old grandsons, Giovanni and Domenico, who are still on board with her daughter.

“I don’t care about me. I want these babies they’ve got. Don’t they take consideration about two little babies?” Pryor told FOX40 Tuesday.

As they wait to disembark from the Grand Princess in Oakland, they’re having trouble getting the boys food that they can eat.

“I was very upset. Today my daughter called me and said, ‘They gave us yesterday’s fish,’” said Pryor

The CDC says those with symptoms and underlying medical conditions are being given priority when it comes to leaving the ship.

It’s a process that they say will take several days because every passenger has to go through medical screenings before they are bussed to new quarantine locations, where they’ll be monitored for 14 days.

Passenger and Folsom resident Tracy Bibb is settling into his new home, for now, on Travis Air Force Base.

He arrived late Monday night.

“I keep looking over here because I have the window open and I haven’t seen blue sky in a long time. So I keep looking out and appreciating that blue sky,” Bibb told FOX40.

Some fresh air is a welcomed change from the Grand Princess where his family was trapped in a cabin with no windows and dealing with food issues.

“My son who is diabetic was only getting rolls, something that just made his blood sugar go crazy,” explained Bibb.

They say the base has been much more accommodating.

The CDC is offering them optional tests for COVID-19, which Bibb says they’ll gladly take, hoping for some peace of mind.

“We’re worried about that. We all feel healthy, we’re all going good. But you don’t know until you know and that is what really is on our minds right now,” said Bibb.

The CDC says buses are still leaving but they’re not sure whether all California residents will make it off ship Tuesday.