Cell Phone Video Shows Off-Duty Stockton Officer Pull His Gun on Driver

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STOCKTON -- Police in Stockton are investigating one of their own after an off-duty officer allegedly pulled a gun on a group of men.

A video that was captured during the interaction shows Stockton Police Officer Kevin Hachler holding a gun while James Weaver is on the ground.

"He got out of the car with a 9 mm in his hand and grabbed me by the back of my shirt," Weaver told FOX40 Wednesday.

However, the video is not where the story begins.

Driving from Reno to Stockton to pick up a car, Weaver claimed he had to merge lanes near Roseville.

"In my right side view mirror, I look and see a blue truck that’s far enough for me to safely get over. I then turn on my blinker and proceed to get in the lane," he told FOX40.

Weaver said afterward, the driver of that blue truck was clearly upset.

"And they swerved into the left lane next to me and gave me the finger," he said.

Later, Weaver, his friends and his two children pulled over on the side of the freeway to check on the trailer they were towing and they noticed the same blue truck had also pulled over.

"He just kind of stops right there and he’s just like watching us," Weaver said.

Weaver and his friends ignored the truck and drove on to Stockton. As soon as they exited downtown and stopped, Weaver said Hachler was there and quickly got out of his truck with a gun in hand.

"He tells me to go to the ground and at this time he didn’t identify himself as a cop," Weaver said. "We thought we were being robbed."

The Stockton Police Department said Hachler did identify himself as an officer.

Weaver's friends shot cell phone video of backup arriving and him being placed in handcuffs.

The department claimed Hachler observed Weaver driving erratically on Highway 99 near Cherokee Road in Stockton and called it in to California Highway Patrol dispatch. At one point, Hachler said he believed Weaver intentionally swerved toward his vehicle, according to the department.

Weaver was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving but claimed when he showed up for his court date, the charges were dropped.

He believes Hachler took the merging personally.

"I feel he definitely could have went a different way about it," Weaver said. "If I was driving erratically as he says, he should have called the Highway Patrol back in Roseville."

Weaver said he’s frustrated because he had to bail out for $105,000 and his wife had to come all the way from Reno to get his 1-year-old-son and 3-year-old daughter, who police detained while he was in jail.

He told FOX40 he is considering legal action against the city.


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