(FOX40.COM) — Two suspects were arrested on Friday after allegedly stealing two electric bikes from a Chico resident’s driveway, according to the Chico Police Department.

A resident reported that they discovered the two bikes were stolen from their driveway shortly after they woke up Saturday morning. They said the bikes were locked to the rear of a vehicle.

Authorities say home video surveillance footage revealed two men took the bikes overnight without their permission.

The two electric bikes were equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) location, which helped Chico police track down the bikes and alleged culprits, according to law enforcement.

Both bikes were discovered to be in the possession of brothers Joshua Coley and Michael Coley, police say. The two suspects were arrested under suspicion of grand theft, vandalism, and possession of stolen property.

Officials reported that Michael Coley is currently on parole and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The brothers were transported to Butte County Jail.