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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Parents at a local elementary school are shocked after learning their kids received some food items that were expired. 

A few parents told FOX40 it is the first time they have ever had a complaint against Olive Grove Elementary School. 

While fifth-grader Deviny Bradbury was happy about being back on campus in-person five days a week, she was surprised about what she learned at lunch. 

“My friends told me about the expired food,” Bradbury said. 

She says that happened while she was eating the school lunch. Tanya Bradbury, her mother, said she was shocked and wanted to know more. 

“Expired meat sticks and expired sunflower seeds,” Tanya Bradbury said. 

“I didn’t believe them because I thought it was a little drama,” said Sandra Criner. 

Criner’s granddaughter also attends Olive Grove Elementary. 

“We never had this problem beforehand,” said Heather Lowe. 

Lowe’s second-grade daughter also complained this week. Lowe said she was puzzled by what she heard because the school lunch menu didn’t match what she was hearing. 

“It’s not that I don’t believer her, but I didn’t believe that would actually happen,” Lowe said. 

Parents say it is unacceptable that kids received some food that was well past its best before dates. 

Dry Creek Join Elementary School District felt the same way, saying it’s in talks with its food service provider. 

“They took immediate steps to remedy the situation and assured us this was an isolated incident and that these products were only served at Olive Grove Elementary School,” said the district. 

Dry Creek told FOX40 they don’t have a food service department within the district and instead parter with Roseville City School District Nutrition Services. And they also work with another vendor. 

“Once we were notified, the item (sunflower kernels) was immediately pulled from the school locations. We take great care and pride in the quality of food provided to students and apologize for this  oversight,” said Roseville City School District Nutrition Services.

Parents say they are pleased with the way the district responded, but they also want other parents to know they should listen to their children. 

“Investigate what they are telling you because this was absolutely true,” Tanya Bradbury said. 

Parents said they believe it won’t happen again. But they will keep a close eye to make sure the changes will be implemented.