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STOCKTON — Stockton Police are searching for two suspects who broke into a home Friday morning while two children were sleeping.

John Jocson has called Noyo Lane in Stockton his home for a little over a year and was shocked to hear a neighbor’s home had been broken into around 9 a.m.

“Said that they jumped the wall at first,” Jocson said. “So I went to go check my cameras to see if I could see a truck or a car.”

Police say two men broke into the home and after entering a room where a 10 and 13-year-old were sleeping, told them to be quiet and not to move.

“That’s bold to me. If my kids were home and somebody broke in, I would go nuts,” Jocson said.

The two men looked through drawers and closets before taking off with an envelope with money in it, according to Stockton police. Both suspects were black men wearing Jordan shoes and standing around 6 feet tall.

For Jocson, knowing the kids encountered the robbers is the toughest part to deal with.

“God knows what they are thinking when they come in. It could be murderer, kidnapping, or rape. I don’t know what goes through these guys minds but it’s hard to put a lid on what they are thinking,” Jocson told FOX40. “You just don’t know. Whatever happens is not good.”

He moved to the area to get away from crime but is sad to see it has filtered into a neighborhood he says is really quiet.

“I don’t know what other security precautions to take. If you have security cameras, they still get in. It’s like, what do you do? Stay at home and watch your stuff?” Jocson said. “I have to work. Somebody has to pay the bills, right? I’m worried every time I leave.”

The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information you are urged to contact Stockton Police or Crime Stoppers.