(KTXL) — The California Highway Patrol and Caltrans partnered together on a “Maximum Enforcement Period” along an 18-mile stretch of I-80 between Fairfield and Vacaville from Monday, Sept. 12 to Friday, Sept 16 to reduce the number of speeding vehicles in construction zones.

California Highway Patrol issued 156 speeding tickets for both motorists and truck drivers during the “maximum enforcement period.” 18 non-moving citations were also issued during that time period along with several verbal warnings.

This “Maximum Enforcement Period” was during weekday commuter hours between Red Top Road to Leisure Town where Caltrans has two construction projects: the “I-80 Managed Lanes and the I-80/I680/SR-12 Interchange Project.” Those two projects are requiring a 24/7 speed reduction from 65 mph to 55 mph.

While the enforcement period is over, Caltrans told FOX40 that there are still officers in the area making sure that drivers are not speeding in the construction zone.

Overall, Caltrans told FOX40 that they believe this was a successful campaign between the two agencies to reduce the number of vehicles speeding in construction zones.