CHP Making a Difference in Stockton

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More eyes, ears and man power are patrolling the streets of Stockton since the California Highway Patrol joined forces with Stockton Police in November.

“Anytime two agencies can come together to get violent criminals off the streets it is going to be a huge success,” said James Smith with CHP.

So far, CHP has made contact with 300 people in Stockton and arrested 37, most of which were gang related.

“We are starting to see that progression now where we’re really getting people off the street,” said Smith.

With Stockton police understaffed and the area now reaching their 69th homicide, police say the extra presence has been a big help.

“The statistics show they’re already getting guns off the streets, but Also the feeling of the community is they really like seeing them out there because they feel safer,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones

Stockton Police continue to bring in more officers until they reach their goal of more than 360 by mid 2013.

Until then, they hope CHP will continue to fill the gap.


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