SONORA, Calif. (KTXL) — A California Highway Patrol officer armed with rope and alfalfa helped round up three horses after they got loose from a pasture in Sonora. 

Jet, Aire and Imp are back grazing in the pasture they’re visiting after getting loose Friday morning.

“I mean, I think I lost three years of life when I walked around and saw the two police cars in the front yard, and he said my horses were out,” said Judy McCullough.

McCullough loves the three horses like they’re her own children and said they made their great escape through a gate that was closed but left unlocked. 

“I immediately was envisioning this terrible car crash and you know, dead horses and dead people,” McCullough said.

Instead, Sonora officers informed her the horses had been found and were waiting in a pasture not too far to be brought home. 

“He’s probably responded to several dozen of these calls, ranging from whether it be cattle out in the roadway or loose dogs, pets, animals and things like that or horses have been a bigger thing that we’ve had lately,” said Steve Machado, a CHP spokesman.

Machado said this is just one example of officer Slate being prepared and serving the community as best he can.

“During his time here, he’s actually went out and purchased livestock supplies as far as alfalfa or lead rope because of how many calls of these animals or livestock that we have that are loose out on the roadways,” Machado said. 

“It was a really scary moment for me, and it turned out just wonderful, you know. And the guy, obviously, he says he’s not really experienced with horses, but he’s just got a personality that the horses know,” McCullough said, laughing.

McCullough, her 89-year-old father and officer Slate were able to lead the horses back up the road safely back to her father’s pasture.

Later, officer Slate returned with some treats for the escape artists. 

“If that’s how the police act with my runaway children, they can run away more often,” McCullough said.