CHP Officer Helps Woman Suffering From Heart Condition During Kickball Game

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A summer kickball game turned into an emergency situation after a player collapsed rounding the bases.

Erica Robbins was diagnosed with heart condition when she was 16 years old and said she’s never had issues while working out until that night in August. Robbins had just scored a run when she passed out. The 30 year old went into cardiac arrest.

“I was feeling dizzy I believe I just fell over,” said Robbins.

Frantic teammates spotted Officer Jennifer Codina on her patrol bicycle and flagged her down. The quick action of the California Highway Patrol officer helped saved the young woman’s life.

“She was in very bad shape—not breathing, no heartbeat,” Codina said. “So I started compressions.”

Codina continued CPR while directing others to breathe. She said it’s the first time she’s done that in an emergency situation.

Robbins was rushed to an area hospital where she woke up 14 hours later. She’s alive today and credits that to her new friend.

“She was at the right place at the right time,” Robbins said. “Seriously, she’s my guardian angel.”

Robbins had a pace maker and defibrillator implanted. She told FOX40 she’s doing great and is making a full recovery.

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