CHP officer saves cats, dogs from burning home

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GRIZZLY FLATS, Calif. (KTXL) — California Highway Patrol officer Jarvis Opp was in the midst of towing a car in the Grizzly Flats area when a grandpa with his grandkids desperately asked for help.

So, the 14-year veteran cop hurried to get to their home.

“A motorist drove up and he was really frantic and told me that a house was on fire about two blocks away,” Opp said. “I saw a house on fire, flames coming from the roof.”

When Opp got to the house, he was told there still may be one more child inside. 

“He says ‘I got three brothers and sisters.’ I’m like that makes four of you and I”m only seeing three of you here right now. So I ran into the house,” Opp explained. “I have five kids of my own, so I was just kind of the dad instinct in me, kicked in and I was just looking for kids.” 

With his sergeant now in tow, Opp quickly made his way inside and started going room to room.

“We’re coughing and could barely see,” Opp told FOX40. 

They soon realize, all the kids were accounted for and there were no other people inside.

But their rescue efforts weren’t over.

“We kept on finding cats. So we’re picking up cats while looking through all the rooms,” Opp said. “Half a dozen and there are barking dogs, too.”

“Thank goodness for the officer,” said mom Jennifer McKin-Hibbard.

McKin-Hibbard was at work when a flue fire broke out in the back of their home. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt and Opp helped the arriving fire chief douse the flames.

“From the bottom of my heart, I have to thank him for everything he did for both my two-legged and my four-legged babies,” McKin-Hibbard said.  

McKin-Hibbard said she never thought this would happen to her family and urges everyone to be prepared with fire insurance.

Opp says being in the midst of fire season, homeowners can help by making sure to have defensible space around the house which helps minimize the spread of any fire.

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