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SOUTH SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A tow truck driver was struck and killed Saturday night while servicing a vehicle on Interstate 5.

The California Highway Patrol said a 40-year-old male tow truck driver was responding to a disabled vehicle call at around 11:40 p.m. on the right shoulder of northbound I-5 near Seamas Avenue.

Officers said the tow truck driver was standing on the driver’s side of the truck when he and his truck were hit by a Chrysler mini-van.

CHP said the tow truck driver was thrown into the northbound lanes of the highway and died from his injuries.

The driver of the mini-van, 46-year-old Larry Godbold, was uninjured and stayed at the scene of the crash but refused to give a statement to officers, according to officials.

CHP officers said during their investigation Godbold showed symptoms of alcohol intoxication and arrested him on multiple charges including gross vehicular manslaughter.

The driver of the disabled vehicle who requested the tow truck service told officers that the tow truck had its amber lights activated at the time of the crash and was pulled over onto the shoulder in front of the disabled vehicle.

CHP officials reminded the public about California’s “Move Over” law.

The law requires drivers who are approaching a stopped emergency vehicle displaying emergency lights, a stopped tow truck displaying amber lights or a stopped Caltrans vehicle displaying amber lights, must make a lane change into another available lane, according to officials.

If drivers can’t make a lane change, CHP officials said they must slow down to a safe speed.

The identity of the victim will be released by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office once next of kin is notified.

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